Immunocal Testimonials

Immunocal Testimonial

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He’s doing better and better everyday.

Gio is 2year and 7months. Gio on Immunocal for about 6 months when they noticed improvement at his next visit. He didn’t have any GI upset and even took the Immunocal easily, more than his sister. He’s doing better and better everyday. The early intervention team was kind of confused about his condition and told me that they would class him in the “HIGH FUNCTIONNING” category.

Luc C.

One of the best things I did

I’m a mother of an autistic son. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2-1/2. I’ve tried medicating him and it made him have mood swings. Tracy is now 14 years old and attends a special needs school in New York. When I heard of Immunocal, I was a little unsure, because nothing I tried ever worked. However, bringing Immunocal into my son’s life was one of the best things I did. Tracy has been on Immunocal for three months.

Before Immunocal my son use to have outbursts in school. For instance, these would involve throwing, hitting, and sometimes running out of the classroom. I would worry about what kind of a day my son would have.

Since Immunocal, he started back to school on September 3 and he has had only one outburst. And the teacher said that he recovered within minutes. There have been no other outbursts. Actually, the Parent/Teacher communication note says that Tracy is doing a wonderful job. Now, when I come home, I’m not worried, but rather excited to see the positive notes that my son brings home.

Here are some examples of how my son has progressed. When I use to ask him, “What did you do in school today?” he would just repeat the question I asked him. Since Immunocal, I recently asked him the same question. He responded: “I write with pencils.” His coloring has also improved. Before Immunocal he use to color outside the lines and everywhere. Since Immunocal he colors much better, staying in the lines and using different colors rather than just sticking to one color.

He is able to tell me when he is not feeling good. Actually, he was out of school Monday. That meant 3 days out of school, which usually meant the next school day would not be a good day. But since taking Immunocal, when he returned to school, the Parent/Teacher communication note said Tracy had an excellent day. We are so proud of him.

You can imagine how my heart rejoices. Immunocal is a blessing for my family and I want to thank everyone who had a part in Immunocal. I’m very grateful.


My son Mitch is doing extremely well!

I am ready to say it…I take my time in sharing such things: I always take a wait-and -see approach. My son Mitch is doing extremely well on a nutritional protocol which includes…Immunocal, which helps the body produce Glutathione.

Scientific research has indicated that persons with autism are totally or at least seriously deficient in Glutathione, which among other benefits, helps to remove toxic metals from the system, helps detoxify the system.

Mitch has been on Immunocal for about four months. With the addition of the Immunocal, we began to see even better changes in how he looks and behaves, and are now going to slowly reduce his medication…my hope is to eventually be able to get him off all such medications completely; possible long term side effects really concerns me, and secondly, I feel people with autism have been greatly over-medicated.


Break the limits of his autism

My son, Ethan, recently turned 7.  At age 4, Ethan was diagnosed with autism. His most recent set of school evaluations show some unexpected and very exciting results.  The school psychologist remarked, “We know Ethan had autism, and now it looks like he does not” and could not account for that result.  He shows a range of neurological abilities never really anticipated for his autism.

Immunocal has truly given Ethan a more typical life than anticipated and appears to have helped him break the limits of his autism.

Natalie S.

Altogether he is in a very good place.

This is an update on my son Mitch, with autism. For the past five months Mitch has been taking Immunocal, which allows the body to produce Glutathione, an amino acid which is very important for health. Considerable research indicates that autistic persons are extremely deficient in Glutathione. A deficiency in Glutathione inhibits the body’s ability to eliminate toxins, such as heavy metals, and can cause other health problems.

I am very conservative in recommending products and treatments for autism. I have been there, done that…too often. I will not do that to other parents. That is why I have waited all these months.

I am ready to tell you that based on Mitch’s results to date, and on the scientific research, that I very much recommend this product Immunocal for those with autism. Due to it, I am certain, Mitch is slowly ( the safe way) being withdrawn from his psychotropic medication and is doing better than ever. His verbal speech has improved, he is using his letter board independently to supplement the verbal speech, and his behaviour is good. He looks very well and is happy. Altogether he is in a very good place.


Doing very well!

About two years ago, Norman became very ill with Congestive Heart Failure and Pneumonia. In the hospital they found Prostate Cancer. Norman could not walk 10 feet without being totally out of breath. With medication, and herbs, there was some improvement. During this time, our friends Cathy and Bob called and told us about Immunocal. I asked them to send it out as soon as they could. Norman started taking 3 envelopes a day and in a month he was getting up, going out in the yard doing things. When we went to the Doctor, Norman’s PSA had dropped from 53 to 0.4. Today, he is not on any medication, but takes 2-3 envelopes of Immunocal a day, and is doing very well.


Effect of Immunocal is more than amazing!

I started to take IMMUNOCAL in May, 1997. Since then my cataracts are gone, my eczema is healed, and I no longer suffer from fibromyalgia. Considering the fact that I have been taking good vitamins and powerful antioxidants for years, the effect of immunocal is more than amazing.
I was diagnosed with full lens cataracts in both eyes in February, 1997. In May I began to take Immunocal. In October, I saw my eye doctor and was told that no longer had cataracts. Furthermore, my vision also improved.
I suffered from eczema for several years, during which neither conventional nor alternative methods helped. I was given cortisone ointments by allopathic and herbal preparations by Chinese doctors. The symptoms improved somewhat but the disease persisted. After about seven months into taking Immunocal, the eczema cleared up completely. Prior to that I also had to watch what I ate carefully. For example, shell fish and vegetables of the nightshade family would cause the eczema to flare up. I now enjoy all of these and other previously restricted foods freely. I had fibromyalgia starting in 1992. The pain was so intense that both of my arms were almost immobilized. Again nothing from western or Orinental medicine helped. I took a product consisting of noni juice from Tahiti. I was 75% healed when I began to take Immunocal. Within six months I was 95% healed. I was at a plateau for the next two years. About a year ago, I started to take a product called Juice Plus+. Now I no longer have any pain. Although I cannot say that any one of these three products or the combination of them did the total healing, I can say that IMMUNOCAL certainly made a big contribution to the healing process. The cause of my fibromyalgia is believed to be a result of the so called Gulf War syndrome. I was in Kuwait as an oil fire consultant a week after the war.
There are other more general benefits such as not getting colds or flu and reduced allergy sensitivities.

Henry C.

Simply miraculous!

I’m a single mom from Ontario who taught school for 15 years until my youngest daughter contracted leukemia at the age of two and underwent intensive chemotherapy for the next 3 yrs. She has been disease free for 8 yrs now. She will take Immunocal forever to keep her IMMUNE SYSTEM working at an OPTIMAL LEVEL. And it has been. Whatever the going bug during the school year, she won’t catch it !! My other daughter used to suffer from life threatening asthma attacks. Hospital admissions, steroids,specialists etc. etc. She turned 16 last Friday and is passionate about sports. She’s been on Immunocal for a year now . Not one attack, no steroids, not even a steroid inhaler. It’s been simply miraculous! She takes Immunocal for the clinically proven and documented substancial effects of increasing athletic performance… At 16 , that is what motivates her infinitely more than an optimally functioning immune system. Her asthma has all but DISAPPEARED… My elderly 91yr old mother has been on 2 packets of Immunocal for 2 yrs now. Her debilitating arthritis pain has disappeared entirely! She also suffers from ARID (Age Related Muscular Degeneration) which is a leading cause of blindness in the elderly. Her condition has not only NOT PROGRESSED in the last 2 &1/2 yrs, she can actually see better. And even though she is declared as “legally blind”, she still lives alone and manages very well. As for myself, even though in excellent health,I take from 2 to 4 packets of Immunocal daily, and I have not even suffered from so much as a cold in the last 2 yrs. I do have a history of MIGRAINES, however, and still suffer from them on occasion. What is exciting is, that now they will dissipate with just ‘Anacin’, while before I would be out of comission for that day.

Becca G.

Positive experience with Immunocal

Hello my name is Margo and I would like to share with you my experience with Immunocal. Initially my search began on-line..for anything that might relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia for a family member. She has experienced pain for over 12 years. After several weeks of research, I kept coming across Immunocal. With the research and patents, I felt she had to try it. Within about 3 weeks of starting to take Immunocal she saw results…she started with 1 pouch a day and quickly went to 3 per day ..everyday. She experiences less pain overall, less fatigue in general…and sleeps much better than she has in years! This was really exciting ..and such a huge relief.
Now, I have my 3 year old son on the Immunocal also, to help with infection (he was getting ear infections regularly-causing the need for antibiotics – (which started a series of yeast infections!) Although he has had the odd cough this winter..he is very healthy!! He did not need antibiotics once this winter-no ear infections, not one!! Another family member uses inhalers for his asthma, he has cut back to about 1 puffer every 3 months, rather than 1 a month. Several other family members believe in the product also..and take it daily, including myself. As a preventative!

Margo E.

Looks promising!

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and cirrosis in 1989. I have been through 3 rounds of interferon with no success. I originally purchased Immunocal for my mother-in-law who has lung cancer. She noticed an improvement in her energy level right away. I decided to try it for myself and have noticed more energy and an overall sense of wellness. I am anxious for my next doctors visit to see how my blood work-up looks. I have only been using the product for about 3 weeks. My wife has no significant health problems but is taking Immunocal as a preventive measure and is already a believer after nearly 2 weeks. She was a skeptic at first. So now my whole household endorses the product. I look forward to better health and better living! My back pain and pain in my side (from cirrosis and Hepatitis-C) has improved along with more energy and desire to get out and do things.

Michael S.

Am a whole person again!

I had a brain tumor in 1997, and I have felt tired, depressed and in constant pain from arthritis in the hands. I was on medication from my doctor for the pain and on medication to prevent infections. I began taking immunocal and my energy returned, my pain was reduced to the point that I removed the glove that I had to wear. I don’t know of any new infections that have been detected, high sugar was detected, but it is now at a controllable level, my stamina is something to enjoy now and I feel like I am a whole person again.

Ralph J.

Immunocal made the difference!

My cholesterol level went from 340 to 140 after only 15 days of taking 2 packets of Immunocal per day.
Also, I had a fairly large cyst in my breast which my doctor first saw 4 or 5 years ago. Each year I had an ultra sound and it was slowly getting bigger. The doctor was going to biopsy it this year, but after my ultrasound, it had almost completely dissappeared! Immunocal is the only thing I have been doing differently.

Elizabeth A.

A miracle!

My Name is Lori, I am a 26 year old female who has a disease called Hidradenitis Suppurativa. This disease makes you have boils like lumps in your armpits, groin, buttocks, thighs, and well pretty much any where you have sweat glands. This disease is very painful and disabling. In Dec 2000 I came across Immunocal on the internet. So to make a long story short I been on Immunocal for 6 months now and I have not had a one of my blow outs (as we HS sufferers call them) in 2 wonderful mobile months. My area is the armpit, groin and sometimes on the buttocks, so it was very hard to walk, write, or even to sit down was a challenge.
So in the case of having Hidradenitis Suppurativa this what I call a miracle. I never thought I would be able to do the things I enjoy again. But because of Immunocal I can. Thank you so much you have no idea how much this product has helped me!!!!!!!!


Immunocal has given back my life!

I have felt so much better on Immunocal. My friend gave me some. I have severe fibromyalgia I mean severe. I hurt all over and vomit in my sleep and have bad indigestion. My hands go numb and then they burn. I have all the trigger points of fibro. I hurt so bad it is sometimes hard to walk. Now with Immunocal I have decorated my house for the festive season. I even went grocery shopping, and bagged the grocery shopping which would be unheard of before. Before, I could barely shop for 10 items. I could not clean my house. I could not fix dinner. Immunocal has given back my life.

Pam G.

Better quality of life

December 1996 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily, I was operated on December 24th. Janurary 6th I was given the pathologist’s report and I would need to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy. My first chemo was on January 24 and I was to do 12 sessions. The doctor told me that I could have different reactions to the chemo like vomiting, nausea, hair loss, sores in my mouth, etc. To counteract I was to do 24 sessions of radiotherapy simultaneously.

If there were any complications I’d have antibiotics prescribed. After checking me out and prescribing the antibiotics, Dr. Dowell introduced me to Immunocal . He explained that it would help my immune system and being a pro-anything natural, I became interested in this food supplement. Two days after my 10th chemo session I began taking Immunocal . Incredibly, I had already noticed a change in my system … I was especially interested in Immunocal for its detoxification process since it would help my body eliminate the drugs. I had more energy than I have had in a long time and my body recovered from chemo much quicker without any side effects! This is definitely due to Immunocal .

I continue to take Immunocal  faithfully and continue to build up my strength and hope to be back to normal in a few months. Immunocal  has given me a better quality of life.

Mary I.

Whey to better health

I first learned about Immunocal in August of 2005 when I became desperate to find a product that would boost my seven year old son’s immune system and help him to fight a rare and powerful form of Lymphoma. He was diagnosed in July of 2003 and had undergone many many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. He had several relapses and metastisis to the brain. His chance of beating the disease was at zero according to medical statisitcs. I was not willing to accept this diagnosis at all. And in August of 2005 I was advised to look into Immunocal. I began to research this product and to my surprise, I found that it is in the Physicians Desk Reference, and the information that I read was terrific! I changed my sons diet, and added Immunocal at three packets a day and in a very short time he became not only symptom free but the old scarring that had occured was resolved! He is feeling fantastic now and is continuing on with his chemotherapy as well as Immunocal. Recently I began to take Immunocal myself and I am really happy with the results. I am sold on this and I think that after you explore a bit, you will be sold too! I am a believer that Immunocal is a whey to better health.

Angela F.

Cyst disappeared

I had a cyst on my back, next to my right shoulder blade for the last 10 years. The cyst was about 3 1/2 to 4 inches in diameter and protruded about 1 inch.

While it was on my back and not uncomfortable, during the summer when not wearing a shirt, it was readily noticeable to others. About 5 years ago, when visiting the doctor with the flu the doctor commented on the cyst and suggested he could remove it for me surgically. Well, about the beginning of March, I started taking Immunocal. Several weeks later the cyst had started weeping. Squeezing the cyst would, on occasion, produce a white pus. After about 3 to 4 weeks, the cyst was noticeably smaller and producing a clear fluid. Six weeks later the cyst has virtually disappeared. At first I thought the changing condition was just a natural phenomena. Then after a period of several weeks, it occurred to me that the one thing that had changed was that I was taking Immunocal.

While this may be a coincidence, after 10 years or 120 months, it disappeared in the same month that I was taking Immunocal for the first time.

Clifford K.

Immunocal’s great

I have been on Immunocal for two weeks now, since I have started taking it, my energy has great increased. I am currently going through chemo treatments, and it has reversed some of the side effects such as hair loss. I wish I took it before I started the chemo so I could keep my hair. It has also strengthened the skin around my nails that were previously peeling pretty bad. Immunocal contains Cysteine which helps your body to naturally produce the amino acid Glutathione. GSH (Glutathione) helps to oxygenate every cell in your body and it also recycles the oxygen you do have. I cannot get through my day without it.


Excellent results

I have had excellent results within a few days after I started taking Immunocal. My energy level is 3 times what it was and the Parkinson’s medication is lasting longer between doses. I have even cut back slightly on the meds. I was having a balance problem and now I am not. I still have the “internal jittery” feeling late afternoon into the evening. I am taking a packet of Immunocal first thing in the morning with about 6 ounces of juice.

Jim R.

Wouldn’t be without it!

I wouldn’t be without it. In the 5 or 6 years that I have been taking this product, I have never had a cold or flu. I was diagnosed with hemochromatosis some years ago, and had to have phlbotomies about 12 or more times a year to keep my iron count down. I have not had a phlobotomie now for about 2 years Go figure. I have never even noticed any taste in it, mix it with yogurt — it’ great!


Unbelievable health gains

I have personally experienced unbelievable health gains through it. Having gotten sick on a regular basis and suddenly not getting sick anymore due to being on it, the results talk for itself. I have my grandmother swearing by it, as it helped her arthritis and numerous other cases. What I have personally seen and experienced says it all! There are few cases that it will not work, but in most, the worse the health, the more dramatic the results can be seen!


Highly recommended

5 yrs ago I had successful back surgery. It had been so bad I couldn’t walk. After 5 years I still had some of the shadow symptoms of my injury like tingling in my legs that was quite painful at times and as time went on found some of my original pain returning when staining my back. After being on Immunocal Platinum for 3 months all that has disappeared and I’m functioning like a 40 yr old when Im 50 something. My skin looks younger and I have more energy. My partner also feels so much better and we are sold on the product. Our health is worth it and we want to enjoy our golden years not be a burden on our society and family.

Kathy P.

More energy, less pain!

I learned about this product by accident while researching a “controversial” syndrome. I am the type of person who questions everything, has the “OCD” like need to research, cross reference, and verify everything, and over many years developed the skill of listening to my body and intuition. Long story short it has been about 25 days (2 pouches a day of immunocal platinum for me and hubby) and my body literally CRAVES this stuff. I mix it with fruit juice which just makes it a little thicker with no discernible taste at all. My husband is like a picky 5 year old and I swear the first thing he said was “Hey this don’t taste bad at all”. So I honestly don’t know where the “bad taste” thing comes from. It’s milk. Depending on how toxic you are you may go through a Herxheimer reaction (detox) where you feel worse before you feel better, hubby had mild cold like symptoms for 4 days. Improvements: Major- Energy, aches and pains, No more edema in legs (Yaaa!) not much pain at all after exercise ( I started walking on treadmill again after a year now that I have recovered energy and work 12 hour shifts) Needless to say we love immunocal and feel the benefits far outweigh the price.


Mystery illnesses gone!

I was so hesitant to try. But I was absolutely desperate for help and decided to give it 4 months. I was headed straight for death’s door, and Immunocal has turned me around and is driving me back to health. I did get die-off and healing reactions which weren’t pleasant, plus fevers. But i stuck with it and it is helping me heal from mystery illnesses I’ve had for 6 years where there were times I truly wanted to die. I love it and will take it forever.


Cancer-free with Immunocal!

My father was declared “cancer free” this week.

He was diagnosed with stage four non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma last year. As a 78 year old man, his prognosis was not particularly good. He had a sizable tumor in his throat close to his artery and another in his groin. When they did further tests they found one more under one arm. Because the tumors presented themselves on different sides of his body, the assumption was that the cancer was already throughout his system and was well established.

The doctor’s first concern was the size of the tumor in his throat which was threatening the artery to his brain. Surgery was required to remove a piece of it but the part closest to the artery had to be left behind. The second concern was not knowing if Dad could withstand the potency of chemotherapy that would be required to fight this type of cancer.

We are so grateful that we knew about Immunocal’s patents as a chemotherapy agent and it’s moderating action on the damaging side effects of chemotherapy. We got Dad started on 6 packs a day immediately. The oncologist said he was too busy to really study the material about Immunocal that we took to him, but said that it couldn’t hurt.

Dad has been through four or five cycles of treatments over the last few months. He never felt ill or nauseated at all. The only side effects he experienced were some mouth sores at various times in the cycles. Even though each cycle made him weaker, his over all side effects were very minimal and the doctor was extremely pleased with the way that he was tolerating the treatments.

Throughout the last few months, the doctor grew increasingly more and more optimistic as he watched Dad’s progress. And last week, after a CAT scan, Dad was told that there was no cancer to be found anywhere in his body!! He still will go through a few more rounds of chemo, but at this time he has beat it! We are so very grateful that there are tools like Immunocal to be useful at this time in history!


Immunocal gave me my life back

I was diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia two years ago. I was on Predizone with all its side effects, Zanax for panic attacks, Bicondon for pain, Fexerid for muscle spasms, Prozac for depression, Ambion for sleep and Valium for nerves. I had suffered with constant excruciating headaches for over a year. I could not do simple chores and could not drive. I also suffered from inflammatory bowel syndrome and had to use laxatives on a regular basis.

I received my first box of Immunocal on a Monday and took the first packet at 4:30 p.m. At the time, my legs feet and hands were causing me great pain and I had severe headache. About 30 minutes later, I notice a warm tingling sensation in my legs, feet and hands and about two hours later the pain in these areas disapppeared. When I awoke Tuesday morning, the headache was gone and my back pain was gone. I was able to cook supper that evening for the first time in over seven months. The following Thursday, I was able to vacuum the house, clean my oven and rearrange the furniture.

I have been taken three packets of Immunocal a day for over three weeks now. I went through a short period of detoxification as Immunocal removed the drug residue from my body, I am now pain free, able to do my housework and able to drive again. My skin is soft and supple and the age spots on my face have faded. My complexion has gone from pale and shallow to having a healthy glow. I have complete mobility for the first time in over two years. My body is back in balance and all bodily functions are normal.

Thank-you Dr. Bounous for Immunocal and for giving me my life back


Fantastic results!

I like the results of this product. My husband takes this and his muscular degeneration has slowed down from being aggressive and getting blind. And he has not had a cold virus since.


Excellent results for asthma

First non-steroidal product the had excellent results on treating my asthma. It worked perfect.

Dr Vic

Immunocal is great!

This product is great for the body. It helped me with a lot of my health issues. A little pricy but well worth it. I would definitely recommend this product if you could afford it.


Healthier and more active

I ordered this product as i wanted a supplement to help with increasing my daily energy. It needs to be hand-mixed to avoid breaking down the whey product and is quite foamy to drink. I use light vanilla soy milk with which to mix it. It’s not the best-tasting thing i’ve ever tried but i have noticed a significant improvement in my energy level, particularly in the afternoon. I use one packet for breakfast but have not needed another in the afternoon. My low energy level, in my case, is directly related to menopause. I am otherwise quite healthy and active.

Susan M.

Immunocal for my daughter

I’m ordering Immunocal for my daughter who has fibromyalgia with severe chronic pain that has lasted decades. After 2 weeks of gradually increasing her daily intake of Immunocal from 1 tsp to 1 pkg per day, she has reduced her oxycodone and other pain meds by two thirds and is feeling much less pain. My understanding is that she doesn’t make enough glutathione on her own and the Immunical is giving her precursors that she needs to correct this deficiency. She is delighted with this result, as am I. Seeing this improvement is wonderful. My daughter discussed her great response with her pain doctor who is looking into Immunocal for his other fibromyalgia patients.

Christine L.

Hives no more!

I have had chronic hives for years, and since taking this product for a month, the hives are gone! I have more energy and sleep better, too. Highly recommended!

Jamie E.

Immunocal has regulated my digestion

I take Immunocal for my overall health. Specifically, the best benefit I see is that after 20 years of chronic indigestion, the problem is gone. The constant painful bloating and burning sensation has ceased. It is hard to believe that I don’t feel uncomfortable anymore! Immunocal has regulated my digestion.

Mary S.

More zest for life

I can not speak for others, just for myself. I have been in constant excruciating pain from my neck down for many years. Quality of life zero. Spending most of my time either in bed or my recliner. Only way to get anything done is by taking pain meds. Which never take the pain away, just take the edge off. After taking Immunocal for 2 weeks there is a definite improvement. Much more energy, less pain, more zest for life. I will keep you posted as time goes by; and the taste is delicious in orange juice.

Marie T.