What is Immunocal?

Immunocal is a Bonded cysteine™, natural glutathione precursor that is scientifically and clinically proven to optimize your immune system by raising the Glutathione levels in your body. It is a patented milk serum protein that has benefits similar to those of Mother’s Milk.

It is an all-natural non-prescription health product available worldwide. This special protein holds many national and international patents and is medically recognised in the Physicians’ Desk Reference (“PDR” U.S.A.) and Compendium of Pharmaceutical Specialties (“CPS” Canada). It has undergone over 35 years of research and has been taken safely and effectively by millions of individuals.


There are many myths and mysteries about raising glutathione. Let me be clear – Immunocal is the only natural patented protein proven to raise and sustain glutathione levels and help the immune system.”Dr Jimmy Gutman, World’s best selling author on Glutathione

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